Detour is committed to making a journey in the arts possible for all.

Our Mission

Detour Company Theatre provides theater training and performance experiences for adults with cognitive and physical disabilities, giving them authentic opportunities to develop artistry, demonstrate courage and collaboration, experience joy and participate in the sharing of musical theater with the entire community. 

These adults may have disabilities including (but not limited to) autism, cognitive and physical challenges, deafness and blindness, which require additional support and adaptive techniques.  We work to create rewarding programming that supports existing skills and celebrates the development of new ones.

We also serve as a resource to the community--both to support those who want to work in the field of arts and disability, and to those who are eager to celebrate the talent, creativity and artistic potential of all people.

Fall Season

Main Stage Troupe

Rehearsals start on Thursday, September 6th. 

Up & Coming Troupe

Rehearsals start on Monday, September 10th. 


Please contact Raylah at!

Detour Programs


Detour's Main Stage Troupe produces a minimum of two major Broadway shows each production season. We are fortunate call Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts our performing home. Our actors get to work with an amazing musical director,  talented designers and skilled coaches who support their work.  Actors rehearse 1-3 times per week (depending on their role) for each production.


Our Up & Coming Group is made up of new actors, first-time Detour actors and actors who prefer a smaller setting and an emphasis on skill work, rather than performance.  Each session culminates with an in-house sharing. Participation in Up & Coming is a prerequisite to joining the Main Stage Troupe.  Up & Coming meets weekly.


Our Summer Skills Workshop is under the direction of our musical director. It emphasizes music and movement around a Broadway show or shows.  These are fun-filled. Sessions are held bi-weekly during the summer and actors can choose to participate in one or all. 


Our traveling troupe takes the message and heart of Detour on the road. It is made up of a selected group seasoned Detour actors. Rehearsal and performance times vary for this group. 

How to Join Detour....

For more information on the specifics of our programs and details regarding how to join and what program might be best suited for you or your loved one, please email