A little bit of history...

The inspiration for Detour came when our Artistic Director, Sam, was asked by her then 23 year old, developmentally disabled son, “When is it going to be my turn?” As Theatre Arts Coordinator at the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, her son often spent time in the theatre watching and participating. Sam searched for appropriate arts programming for her son, and finding none, decided it was time to gather her son, his friends, a few talented friends of her own and begin. After a brief association with a social program for adults with developmental disabilities, Detour Company Theatre was incorporated in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to providing accessible theatre arts programing.

Sam’s background includes a Master of Fine Arts degree in theatre from Arizona State University. She served as the coordinator of the Theatre Arts program at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, adjunct instructor of creative drama at Phoenix College and recently retired as a certified ASL interpreter for many theatre companies throughout the Phoenix area. Sam serves as the bridge between the original Broadway script and the adaptations necessary for the Detour cast. She trains our coaches to help their actors implement their roles and to navigate the stage safely. Sam also works closely with the Detour production team to maximize accessibility in all aspects.

Sam was also the winner of a 2018 Governor's Arts Award, in the Individual category.



Director of Music

David Zych

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Grant Writer

Claire West

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Marge Mays


Dawn Schoenberger


Kathy Hotchner

Show Photographer

Chris Keith

Rehearsal Photographer

Francine Cheswick

Board of Directors

President - Jill Mapstead

Vice President - Meghan Cox

Treasurer - Jack Colaric

Secretary - Dawn Schoenberger

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Kathy Hotchner

Dick May

Dina Lesperance